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The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #45

Written by BKThomson aka Brad Thomson on Friday, April 01 2011 and posted in Podcasts

Editor-in-Chief Dale Mettam visits the Pirate Podcast to talk his book MISSING LINX, his web comics about all things coming from Viper Comics in 2011.


Dale Mettam was on to show to talked the Pirate Podcast Panel of to BKThomson, ProzacMan, SuperginraiX and sdsichero about his book MISSING LINX, his web comics and about all things coming from Viper Comics in 2011.

For the first hour Dale talked about his all-ages book from Viper Comics MISSING LINX with collaborating artist Courtney Huddleston.  The one-shot is about BIG FOOT, SASQUATCH, SKUNK APE and THE YETI teaming up to stop a mad scientist DR. ERASMUS Q. BEDFELLOW from taking over the world.   To can learn more about MISSING LINX from the Viper Comics web site

Next Dale went into detail on Viper Comics INSPECTOR GADGET, JOHNNY TEST, and other all-ages books from the publisher and also his more grown up fare with ORPHEUS!

All this and more can be seen at http://vipercomics.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/vipercomics

Dale also talked about his two web comics.  CEMETERY STREET (http://cemeterystreet.com/) is his satire strip of everyday happenings that Dale writes and draws.

The other strip with Dale's MISSING LINX artist Courtney Huddleston is LUCI PHURRS IMPS (http://luciphurrsimps.com/)  This web strip tells about a little girl and her three Devil imps who have the power to bring about the End of Days or get that pony she always wanted.

After Dale's departure the Pirate Podcast C2E2 Floor Reporter Zechs, talked about his time at the convention.  Zechs also provided us with news from the Marvel Animation, D.C. Nation panels.  This and more typical comic book ramblings and high spirited fun on Episode#45 of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast so go give it a listen.

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