Saturday, October 23, 2021 • R.I.P. Edition • Manufacturing outrage since 2006.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Clicks

Well, it was a good run, wasn't it? On February 8, 2019, after 13 years of taking the piss out of the comic book industry, The Outhouse shut its doors for good. With over 36,000 articles published on the front page and more than 3.2 million posts on its forum, always strove to be a voice for the fans first. It didn't always make us popular -- in fact, it earned us an official blacklisting by DC Comics and an implicit blacklisting from Marvel and the ire of many a comics professional. But we wouldn't have had it any other way, because sometimes the press has to be antagonistic to keep everybody honest.

Though The Outhouse's epic run may be over, our legacy lives on. Jude Terror continues to carry the torch for antagonistic comics media over at Bleeding Cool, while Tim Midura, Zechs, sdsichero, and others are launching a new site, Comics Pit, which will also carry on The Outhouse's storied traditions, so be sure to bookmark that in the event Tim ever gets around to launching it. They've even got a forum, with many of The Outhouse's regulars already hanging out, so you know where to go to catch up with your old friends, or where to avoid, depending on your preference.

Lots of other Outhouse alumni have gone on to do other things in comics or related fields. Jesse (Mr. Black) works on Robots with Coffee, GHERU does My Asshole Office Mate, Nietoperz does the GetPop Popular Culture podcast, and many of our former contributors now write for other comics websites. Hell, Greg Anderson Elysee is a comic book star. We're also going to keep the Facebook and Twitter pages going, where we'll share work from everyone's new gigs.

Because we didn't want to let all of the hard work everyone put into the site go to waste, we've saved stripped down versions of all of the site's articles right here on this site, and though we don't yet have a way to make them browseable, they're all accessible at their original URLs, so if you want to take a trip down memory lane, just google your favorite Outhouse article and give it a read. Like the time the Marvel offices mistook Dan Slott for a bear. Or the time Marvel and DC realized it was time to run explicit gay sex events after Saga got attention for it. Or when Axel Alonso and Joe Quesada responded to complaints about their Hip Hop variants with a rap. Maybe we can even restore the comments someday. The comments were always the best. And the worst.

You can also continue to enjoy our legacy via the Has DC Done Something Stupid Today? counter, which Jude Terror will continue to maintain. And do we have some really huge news on that front coming up in the future? We sure do, fellow Outhousers. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for that one.

So as The Outhouse drifts off to eternal slumber, remember us not as we are now, but as we were: the baddest ass comic book website that will ever exist. And in our memory, we hope you'll remember that you, the reader, are the most important part of the comic book community. Not the media. Not the creators. Certainly not the executives. Not the publishers or the corporations who own then. Fuck Dan Slott. Fuck Dan Didio. Fuck Bob Harras and Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Fuck Joe Quesada. Fuck Ike Perlmutter. Fuck Tom Brevoort twice. Fuck Warner Bros and fuck Disney and especially fuck Diamond.

But not you. You, dear reader, are cool by us.

Signing off for the last time... probably... unless we get rebooted... fuck, it's comics, we're probably gonna get rebooted, aren't we?

-The Outhousers

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